Cypress Creek

Cypress Creek is a slice of Americana -- a family-oriented community of 227 homes graced by lush tree-lined streets. You can be sure to see the American flag waving from many households on holidays. The community vibrates with energy -- from young families to energetic Baby Boomers to active retirees. Come Oct. 31, Cypress Creek is known as the 'Trick orTreat' capital of The Players Club.

Board of Directors
Sorin Brull, President (2025)
Beverly Reilly, Vice President (2026)
Michael Resetar, Secretary (2025)
Arthur Lancaster, Treasurer (2026)
Bruce Barber, Director (2025)

ARB Members
Carla Resetar
Austin Mahler
Michelle Treddinick
Cathe Sommerlad
Tammy Barrick

Property Management
Elliott Neumaier, LCAM
Community Association Manager
MAY Management Services, Inc.
(904) 273-9832 ext 128
(904) 273-4851 fax

Governing Documents