Neighborhoods and Subassociations

Each neighborhood within the Sawgrass Players Club offers a unique setting -- from condos to small homes to large homes and estates. Each of the 16 neighborhoods has a subassociation with its own governing documents. The various neighborhoods are separate from the master association and, as such, appoint their own board and management company to oversee neighborhood issues and to enforce neighborhood rules. The subassociations charge dues for maintenance of their common properties and administrative costs within their neighborhoods.

All neighborhoods are also a part of the master association and pay master dues. The master association is managed by Marsh Landing Management Company. Dues are the same for every homeowner and are set by the master board and finance committee each October. These dues help to fund master association roadway replacements, master association landscaping, controlled access and gatehouse operations, the community pool and park, reserve items such as master owned sidewalks, signage, bridges and lighting, community infrastructure, and waterway and pump house operations. Residents can receive a copy of the current year master association budget upon request from Marsh Landing Management Company.